We have some exciting news as a church that we shared last Sunday and I wanted to take an opportunity to share it on here as well in case some of you have not heard. But first, let me back up a little bit so you understand the context of why we are undertaking this new venture. 

In the summer of last year we rolled out a new vision as a church. As a church we are committed to glorifying God and making disciples of Jesus. That's it. In everything we do we want to make Jesus known and give him the glory he deserves. And we want to make disciples. This includes reaching lost people and discipling them to make disciples. 

Our vision is to be a multiplying church. There were 4 main ways that we see ourselves doing this: Life Groups, Multiple Services, Planting Churches, and Sending Missionaries. We truly believe that multiplying and planting churches and sending people out is the most effective way to reach lost people and make disciples. We believe this is what Jesus did, we believe this is what the early church did, and what the Apostle Paul did. 

In the past weeks our elders have been praying about what step to take next. Last year we multiplied to 2 services and have seen God do amazing things in that. But we wanted to dream longer term. What would our church look like in 5 years? 10 years? What steps could we take to see our vision of multiplication come to be? 

Some of might have heard of the Site C Dam, a 10 year project in Northern BC. This dam, and the camp where the workers stay is a ten minute drive outside of Fort St. John. We began to pray and sense God's leading in possibly starting some type of ministry down there. After many phone calls, emails and visits to the camp, I am excited to share that we have been allowed to start a weekly church service down there! God is amazing! The camp directors have asked us as a church to weekly come down on Saturday and hold a church service (with worship and preaching!) Right now there are 700 employees at the camp with that number expected to swell to 2000 people by next year. 

The camp has a spiritual room that seats 200 people and we have been given access to use it weekly for free to proclaim the gospel of Jesus! For the next 8-10 years, as the dam is being built, we have an incredible opportunity to reach lost people, to make disciples, and to make Jesus known at Site C. 

So, I am asking you to pray. Pray for us as a church as we plant a new church site. Pray for the men and women who work at Site C. Pray for open doors. Pray for lost people to encounter Jesus and surrender to him. Pray that followers of God would become more like Jesus. Pray that the atmosphere of the camp changes for the better. Pray that the spiritual room would be packed every Saturday. Ultimately we are asking for you to pray that the infinite worth of Jesus would be made known to every single person down there. 

If you want more information about this exciting new church site or would like to join our email prayer list feel free to contact the church office or email me at andrew@npmbchurch.com