In the late 50's, the Western Children's Mission, a ministry of the Mennonite Brethren Churches of BC, began a summer program for children in the Fort St. John area. The daily Bible instructions brought positive results and the need for an adult ministry became very apparent. Irwin and Amanda Klassen were encouraged to bring Bible studies in the Aennofield area of town in 1960. As the town grew rapidly, the BC Conference established a church in 1962 with Peter and Betty Boschman leading as the first pastor couple. You can read more about Pastor Boschman here.


Pastor Peter Boschman

Since day one, the goal of the church was to bring Christ to the unchurched of the community. The church consistently emphasized children's ministries through which many adults have been reached with the gospel. Similarly, youth work and home based Bible studies were emphasized.

Fort St. John has a very transient population. Every decade has about a 50% turnover. For the churches of the community, this has always presented a challenge.

Today, the focus of North Peace MB Church has not changed. We desire to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in Fort. St. John. As a family of believers we want to live out the gospel in our neighbourhoods, grocery stores, places of work, sports team, and schools.

(Photo of downtown Fort. St. John taken in 1963 courtesy of