Sr. Youth gatherings typically involve game time, followed by an interactive bible study.

Sessions run on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm. 

Senior Youth are preparing to embark into a world where they will be faced with opposition and cultural challenges to what they have been taught in church. We must prepare them to defend their faith and share the gospel in meaningful and effective ways. They are our next pastors, elders, ministry directors, missionaries and worship team members. They are our next business and community leaders and goverment officials. They are our next moms and dads. When considering the following statics, the urgency of investing heavily into our youth becomes apparent.


Church attendance is strongly related to age. Seniors have the highest attendance rates, and those aged 25 to 34 have the lowest (Link).

Just 1/3 of young adults who attended church weekly as a child/youth continue to attend church now (Link).

The number of Canadian teens who are Christian is dropping at the fastest rate ever recorded. it has dropped 50% since the 1980s. Meanwhile, atheist identifying teens have increased by 10% (Link).

Canadian teenagers are enthusiastic about their current chosen religions. They are also indecisive, moving from one practice to another frequently. Canadian teens are much more interested in traditional aboriginal spiritual practices and Buddhism than they are Christianity (Link).


Our youth pastoral apprentice is Korlynd Fehr. Our Senior Youth sponsors are Erin Fehr, Riley and Emily Giesbrecht, Tucker Thompson, Nolan Wiebe and Cassie Jenkins. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to them directly or through the church office.

If this is the first time that you are coming to Senior Youth this year, please grab a permission form when you arrive,or fill out the permission form below and hand it in to a youth leader.